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Join an all-star cast on Chaosium Twitch this Saturday for Masks of Nyarlathotep

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 22nd Feb 2019

Dark Schemes Herald the End of the World: this Saturday Chaosium Inc and HowWeRoll present Masks of Nyarlathotep, on Chaosium Twitch

In the Keeper's chair is Scott Dorward of the Good Friends of Jackson Elias, one of the co-authors of the new edition of Masks.

Guest players include Seth SkorkowskyMurfman, cost-host of the Miskatonic University Podcast; and Veronica from the Cthulhu & Friends Podcast.

Join us at 8PM GMT on Saturday February 23rd!

  • UK: 8PM 
  • USA East Coast: 3PM
  • USA West Coast: 12NOON
  • Australia Eastern: 7AM (Sunday).