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GMs at Chaosium Con to receive their own 'Schedule Activity Number' or SAN rating

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 1st Apr 2024

Ann Arbor, MI, April 1, 2024—With Chaosium Con now just weeks away, today Chaosium announced the trial of an innovative new system to assist with programming: each GM participating at the convention is to be assigned their own Schedule Activity Number or 'SAN rating'.

Chaosium spokesperson Alice Simgrate said an individual GM's SAN rating may fluctuate during the convention "depending on a variety of factors" including but not limited to sleep deprivation, Mythos Horrors invoked, blasphemous tomes consulted, and overall caffeine consumption. 

"These 'SAN ratings' are not intended to rank or rate a GM's relative expertise or calibre as a roleplayer, but only to serve as an extra guide to players choosing the games they'd like to play," Simgrate said.