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Chaosium's Stream of Chaos part of YouTube's celebration of tabletop roleplaying

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 4th Feb 2024

Stream of Chaos

We were delighted to see our Stream of Chaos team appear in YouTube's celebration of the tabletop roleplaying community on January 26th. 

With over 300 million views of videos related to the topic of tabletop roleplaying games in 2023, YouTube changed their logo for 24 hours to spotlight the epic world of content crafted by Tabletop RPG Creators:

YouTube's TTRPG logo

Clicking on the logo took viewers to this 3 minute video, which in addition to the Stream of Chaos, featured Becca Scott and Good Time Society, Pixel Circus (playing their BRP game Salt and Serpent), Seth Skorkowsky, No Rolls Barred, Davvy Chappy and many other friends from the TTRPG community:

YouTube have also put together a playlist, featuring Davvy Chappy's quick and helpful introduction to the game:

And over on YouTube's official blog, their article Get in, role players, we’re tabletop gaming introduces newcomers to the concept, and recommends "if you’re just getting into TTRPGs, diving right in with a hyper-long game session, like this one of Call of Cthulhu (part one of three) allows you to see how lengthy these games can be and the unexpected twists they take along the way":

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