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Chaosium Unveiled – Call of Cthulhu: Arkham

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 15th May 2024

Unveil the secrets of the legend-haunted city! - Chaosium Unveiled takes a look at the signature setting for Call of Cthulhu:

Available now!

"This is the gold standard for what an RPG supplement should be... simply put, a triumph." — TechRaptor.

  • Full colour hardcover (price includes PDF) – $59.99
  • Special leatherette edition (price includes PDF) – $99.99
  • PDF – $22.99 (nb if you purchase the PDF direct from Chaosium, we'll take that amount off if you later decide to buy the physical book)
  • PDF also available from DriveThruRPG - $22.99
  • Roll20 VTT version: $29.99