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Call of Cthulhu RPG comes to the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 17th Dec 2019

Fantasy Grounds CoC Keeper Rulebook

Call of Cthulhu has officially arrived at the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop, beginning with the Keeper Rulebook.

Roll20 Features:

  • Full compendium with all book assets, including rules pages for presenting the mythos, combat chases, and Investigator creation.
  • Over 30 NPCs and monsters, rollable tables, macros, and pre-generated characters.
  • 6 maps with GM layer and Dynamic Lighting support (Plus/Pro subscribers).
  • Stat blocks for mythos monsters, deities of the mythos, traditional horrors, and beasts.
  • Over 100 spells and nearly 700 hundred items.
  • Two Scenario modules: Amidst the Ancient Trees and Crimson Letters.

Fantasy Grounds CoC Keeper Rulebook

The Keeper’s Rulebook for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition is available now in the Roll20 Marketplace for $54.95 USD.

Also available for free, the Quick Start Rules, containing everything you need to begin exploring the Cthulhu mythos, including an adventure with pre-generated characters and an introduction to the arcane lore of Call of Cthulhu. 

Fantasy Grounds CoC Quickstart Rules