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AI Art and Chaosium Community Content programs (Miskatonic Repository/Jonstown Compendium/Explorer's Society)

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 19th Feb 2023

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Following on from our 16 December 2022 Statement about AI Art, in consultation with DriveThruRPG we are enacting this new policy for our Community Content programs, including the Miskatonic RepositoryExplorer's Society, and Jonstown Compendium:

AI Art: We are concerned about the ethics of AI art and its impact on the livelihoods of artists, and the ability of artists to maintain control over use of their creations. Effective 31 March 2023, AI art (e.g. Midjourney, Dall-E, etc) is not permitted in new titles for Chaosium’s community content programs, including the Miskatonic Repository, Jonstown Compendium, and Explorer’s Society.

Our program guidelines will be updated in due course. Creators with questions or concerns should get in touch with our Community Ambassadors

Chaosium Statement About AI Art

nb This AI Art policy only applies to Chaosium's Community Content programs at DriveThruRPG (Miskatonic Repository, Jonstown Compendium, Explorer's Society). The various other Community Content programs there will have their own particular rules. Plus check out DriveThruRPG/OneBookShelf's own Product Standards Guidelines.