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After D&D Play... RuneQuest! RQG is the featured game system of a new YouTube series' inaugural episode

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 30th Sep 2021

"After D&D, consider RuneQuest, a bronze-age RPG of myth and magic where combat is so deadly you need to think twice, then think again, about solving problems with swords!" says After D&D Play host Eliza Lambert.

After D&D Play is a new YouTube series for gamers primarily experienced with D&D who want to broaden their horizons. In each episode, Eliza introduces a new tabletop RPG system and talks to creators involved with that game about what a D&D player might find to like in them, and how they can get started with the game.

Eliza's guest for the inaugural episode is Chaosium's Jeff Richard. Jeff discusses what makes RuneQuest distinct among other roleplaying games: features including Bronze Age adventure that focusses on the mythic and heroic; an emphasis on culture and community; unique adventurers without arbitrary restrictions such as classes or levels; and dangerous combat.

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