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A note from Dustin: Shipping delays, Death Hugs, and your order status

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 25th Aug 2019

Our North American Shipping Company has been overwhelmed by the Critter Community Death Hug.
Here's what we're doing to to catch up!

Critical Role: The Shadow of the Crystal Palace

From Dustin Wright, our customer support specialist

Thank you so much for ordering from our website since the Critical Role Call of Cthulhu Episode Aired.

The response has been overwhelming. Both literally and figuratively as it turns out. Our North American Fulfillment company, Bang Printing, received an avalanche of orders after Shadow of the Crystal Palace. They have been working over time to catch up ever since. Orders are still shipping out, but not nearly fast enough for us to rest easy.

They will be working all weekend in an attempt to catch up. They have also pulled in some extra temporary help and hired some new staff as well. We anticipate they will be caught up (or at least very nearly caught up) with North American Orders by the end of the month.

A personal note: I've spoken with so many of you over the last few weeks either via email or on the phone. While I have been a Critical Role watcher since the KragHammer days, previously I never had much interaction with the Critical Role community. I am absolutely humbled by how patient, delightful, and downright friendly your have been. This despite the fact that our shipper has not delivered many of your orders yet, or in some cases delivered an Aquelarre book by mistake. The Critters have every right to be upset or frustrated with me as the Chaosium Customer Service guy. Instead they have treated me with nothing but kindness and often a concern for my well being in a time of madness. You are an absolutely amazing group of people. Thank you.

Now it's high time we got your orders delivered!

Shipping continues. While I can't drive 1400 miles to our fulfillment warehouse and lend a hand directly, I do what I can to keep their morale up. I have been sending pictures of my corgi puppy, cheering on their progress, and generally sharing the kindness that has been so generously shown to Chaosium and myself by the Critical Role Community.


If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to email me: I'm here to help!

Dustin Wright
Chaosium Guy