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ENnies spotlight: Doors to Darkness nominated for Product of the Year & Best Adventure

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 18th Jul 2017

Doors to Darkness EN Nom

For tabletop roleplaying gaming to thrive and grow, we need new players, new blood. So we're very happy Doors to Darkness has been nominated for PRODUCT OF THE YEAR and BEST ADVENTURE, as it was designed especially for beginning Keepers and players of Call of Cthulhu. 

Doors to Darkness features "ready-to-play" scenarios and pre-gen characters, so newcomers can jump right in to horror, mystery, investigation, ghastly monsters, strange magics, and forgotten secrets. What's more, it offers a wide range of hints and tips on running Call of Cthulhu - guidance any Keeper, new or experienced, will find very useful.

You can vote for Doors to Darkness and the other of the ten ENnie nominations Call of Cthulhu received here:

Voting closes at 11pm EDT on July 21. It was great for Chaosium to get all those nominations, now it's time to get out the vote. We'd love it if you could show your support!

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