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13th Age Glorantha Update: Backers receive Chapter 3 Preview!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 9th Nov 2017

Our Kickstarter backers have just been sent a download link to get a preview of Chapter 3: Running Glorantha, complete and fully laid-out. We think this 48 page preview capably shows off how nice the finished book is going to be. Meanwhile, the 136 page Classes chapter, Chapter 4, is now also done. Our layout specialist Chris is currently working on Chapter 5: Enemies, which we can show off in the next update. Powering on!

13th Age Glorantha layout 2

13th Age Glorantha layout 3

13th Age Glorantha layout 4

13th Age Glorantha layout 5

The talented artists featured in this preview are: Andrey Fetisov, Kalin Kadiev, Michelle Lockamy, Rich Longmore & Aaron McConnell.