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Stream - A Cold Fire Within

A Cold Fire Within
A Cold Fire Within

Join our heroes as the members of the Atlas Occult Society tackle a danger to the entire world!

A Cold Fire Within is a campaign for Pulp Cthulhu.


Edie Cheong
Edie Cheong

Edith “Edie” Cheong is a talented mechanic and determined innovator. She’s always armed with a solution to a problem, and takes no lip from her family, or her fellow investigators. As handy clubbing monsters with a wrench as she is using one to fix a car, she’s the perfect person to have in your corner when the going gets tough.

Played by Rachael Chee @Rachael_Tad

William Van Der Van
Willam Van der Ven

William Van Der Ven is the heir to the enormous Van Der Van shipping fortune. He is a man of leisure, and spends most of his time “working” for his family company, by indulging a variety of strange hobbies, like sailing, and building computers. He’s sure the latter is going to be the “next big thing!”. Despite his somewhat naive nature, William has a good heart, and does his best to protect his friends, when things get dangerous.

Played by Jackson Heenan @Actin_Jackson

Nick DeMartino
Nick DeMartino

Nick DiMartino is a New York detective who’s haunted by a terrible curse. Born with the ability to sense the psychic history of any object he touches, Nick uses his talents to solve New York’s more esoteric cases. His ability comes with a burden, one so heavy that his sister, Nora, who had a similar gift, was driven mad by it. Now, in honour of his sister, Nick does what he can to keep the city safe, whether that means using his powers, or a revolver.

Played by Daniel Richards @DJRichards101

Jose Castillo
José Castillo

José Castillo is the devoted bodyguard of William Van Der Ven. A former criminal, he now uses the skills he developed to keep himself alive, to make sure that others are safe.

Played by James Coquillat @RoboPelican

Dave Naylor
Keeper - Dave Naylor

David Naylor is an Australian RPG writer and works with Chaosium as Digital Content Manager. He's been playing, writing, and experimenting with tabletop games for most of his life. He's even been told in private that he's "really getting the hang of it".

Gamemastered by David Naylor @GoodShipFunTrip

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