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ORC License


Basic Roleplaying: Universal Game Engine has been released under the Open RPG Creative license (“ORC License”) for others to use.

The Final ORC license has been released. It governs the BRP Universal Game Engine. You can download the ORC license PDFs below.

ORC Licence

ORC AxE (Answers and Explanations)

Use the BRP: Universal Engine Notice (below - subject to change) as the required notice under the ORC License terms and conditions.

BRP: Universal Game Engine Notice

This product is licensed under the ORC License held in the License of Congress at TX-307-067 and available online at various locations including,, and others. All warranties are disclaimed as set forth therein.
This product is the original work of Chaosium.

If you use our ORC Content, please also credit us as follows:

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Product Identity elements in this product include all artwork, illustrations, and graphic design, including runes and geometric symbols that are not part of the Latin alphabet or Hindu-Arabic numeral system, and all trademarks, including Call of Cthulhu, Chaosium, Fantasy World, Futureworld, Pendragon, RuneQuest, and Superworld.

With a very few exceptions (trademarked terms), the text of BASIC ROLEPLAYING: UNIVERSAL GAME ENGINE is available for personal and commercial use under the ORC license. The reproduction of artwork, illustrations, graphic design, and trade dress from this book for the purposes of personal or corporate profit, by photographic, optical, electronic, or other media or methods of storage and retrieval, is prohibited.