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​Jenelle C. Risser O’Neill

img-8460.jpgJenelle C. Risser O’Neill is Chaosium's Head of Sales. 

Before joining Chaosium Jenelle was with Alliance Game Distributors for the previous 26 years. She started there in the data entry department (originally under Chessex Distribution), volunteered to help with international sales and then added domestic sales by the end of her first year. She continued in domestic and Canadian sales as the Sales Lead and Canadian Sales Specialist for 17 years. She then shifted over into the purchasing department for 4.5 years and then spent her last 4.5 years at Alliance back in sales as the Sales Manager for the Midwest location.

Jenelle lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with her two boys, three kitties, a plethora of octopus stuff and a collection of weird and wonderful vintage treasures.