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Cthulhu For President

Chaosium started it all, and now Cthulhu for President is back...

cthulhu-for-president-front-cover.jpg cthulhu-for-president-back-cover.jpg

Cthulhu for President - The Game - PDF

Cthulhu for President - The Game - Print version (via Lulu print-on-demand)

The classic "Beer and Pretzels" RPG - now with awesome new cover art by Victor Leza

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You have been asking for it, and we have partnered with Redbubble to bring a bevy of items you can get to show your support for the almighty Cthulhu. You can check out some of our favorites below:


T-Shirt - Nobody Trumps CthulhuNobody Trumps Cthulhu

T-Shirt - Why Settle for the Lesser Evil?Why Settle for the Lesser Evil?

T-Shirt - Now YOU feel the BURN!Now YOU feel the BURN!

Posters, Mugs and More

Poster - President TrumpPresident Trump

Cthulhu 2016 MugsCthulhu 2016 Mugs

Chaosium T-ShirtOfficial Chaosium T-Shirt

Remember, Cthulhu's politics may be in the gutter with the rest of them, but he's looking at the Stars!


Cthulhu commands his disciples to shop!