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Watch Graveyards of Arkham Cast & Crew Zoom Q&A, plus Brian talks about producing high concept actual plays

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 28th Apr 2024

Here is the Cast & Crew Zoom Q&A we did for Graveyards of Arkham backers last month. Thanks to everyone who joined us on Zoom at the time and asked such interesting questions!

As one of the executive producers of Graveyards of Arkham, Chaosium's Brian Holland played a key role in developing our high-quality, high-concept actual play series. In this in-depth interview on the AARPG channel, Brian shares more insights about the process of taking our innovative show from concept through to release.

Four regular people get lost in the machinations of a nefarious cult in 1920s New England... Watch the complete six part series of Graveyards of Arkham here.