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Watch as the Stream of Chaos go Alone Against the Static!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 17th May 2024

Stream of Chaos playing Alone Against the Static

Alone Against the Static is our latest solo Call of Cthulhu scenario. It's designed to be played by yourself, no Keeper required. 

That said, it – and all of our other critically acclaimed solo adventures – can easily be played in the traditional way: with a Keeper, and one (or more players). They are especially great for playing with a friend or partner who is new to roleplaying. Read the story aloud, make choices, roll dice, and explore the story together! Watch as our Stream of Chaos team show how it is done:

Alone Against the Static is available now at

Alone Against the Static

"A successful evolution in the line of solo adventures for Call of Cthulhu, featuring innovations... as well as a deep, twist-filled, dark, and terrifying story. In terms of technical aspects, the artwork is top-notch, evocative when necessary and clarifying when appropriate, in full color both in digital and print formats."La Biblioteca Orne.