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Significant Streams #9: Ain't Slayed Nobody

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 3rd Dec 2023

Significant Streams is a new feature on the Chaosium news blog where we highlight actual play streams, podcasts, and YouTube channels featuring Chaosium games that we think are worth checking out.

Ain’t Slayed Nobody is the popular comedy-horror Call of Cthulhu podcast that launched in January 2020. Winner of the 2022 Gold ENNIE for Best Podcast, the show has attracted listeners and subscribers from all over the world. And just recently they passed a significant milestone: 1 million unique downloads!

In 2024, Ain't Slayed Nobody are returning to the Down Darker Trails setting to finish their Bleeker Trails series and remaster Y'all of Cthulhu. They'll also be publishing Call of Cthulhu improv one-shots and a homebrew Call of Cthulhu series by Masks of Nyarlathotep 'Peru' chapter author Scott Dorward. 

In early 2025, they are launching a new Call of Cthulhu campaign called ARCUS, starring Ross Bryant, Nic Rosenberg, Rashawn Scott, Scott Dorward, and Keeper Cup of the ain't Slayed crew, who says "This is probably the best thing we've ever made. We are rotating Keepers and stringing together Chaosium published scenarios for this series."

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