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Significant Streams #7: Twelve-Sided Stories

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 24th Oct 2023

12 Sided Stories

Significant Streams is a new feature on the Chaosium news blog where we highlight actual play streams, podcasts, and YouTube channels featuring Chaosium games that we think are worth checking out.

Twelve-Sided Stories is a slickly produced, professionally edited actual play podcast with a very talented cast. It regularly features Call of Cthulhu in the long-running 'Other World' series, which is set in different cities during different time periods. 

The Other World shows put all of human belief into reality. Big Foot, Spring Heeled Jack, MothMan, and alike can be encountered, and the human gods walk the earth as well, but do not let themselves be known. There are the true gods too, like Cthulhu or Nyarlathotep. These beings are beyond our understanding and do not require our belief to live.

Other World London

Other World London is set in 1890’s London and follows the ladies of the Royal London Spiritualism Society as they delve into the supernatural. Here the ladies must deal with Cernunnos, the Celtic deer god. He is trying to transform London into a forest. Meanwhile, the leader of the ladies of the Royal London Spiritualism Society, Mabel, is trying to summon a Great Old One to harness more magical power.

12 Sided Stories

There are three seasons of Other World London; here is the Spotify playlist.

Other World Seattle

Other World Seattle is set in 1993 grunge crazy Seattle. It follows a group of young film makers creating the first ghost investigation show for public access. The five friends meet Zeus, the god of thunder, who is now owns a coffee bar and must keep from attracting worshipers or risk the wrath of God. We also meet Men in Black who seem to be trying to cover something up in the woods. The group must try to navigate the supernatural without getting swallowed by it.

12 Sided Stories

Other World Seattle has three seasons; here's the Spotify playlist

Other World Hollywood

Twelve-Sided Stories newest series is Other World Hollywood. The City of Dreams is full of danger. Everyone wants to be famous and will do anything to get to the top. This is an amazing 50's noir Call of Cthulhu tale about the dream of fame and fortune turning into a eldritch nightmare.

12 Sided Stories

Other World Hollywood's first season is currently underway; follow here on Spotify.

Twelve-Sided Stories Showrunner Wes Otis said, "Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu lends itself to this kind of drama. We would like to thank Chaosium for producing such a great game in Call of Cthulhu, as well as our Ko-fi and Patreon backers for supporting us and allowing us to continue producing the show."

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