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New Gamemaster Month starts today – become a successful RuneQuest GM by the first week of February!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 4th Jan 2022

New Gamemaster Month kicks off today – this is the annual month-long seminar in the form of twice-weekly posts, organised by our friends at Monte Cook Games to guide prospective GMs up to and through their first game.

Chaosium is one of the six game companies taking part, and our featured system is RuneQuest! Our posts were written by RuneQuest creative director Jason Durall, who has been playing and gamemastering for more than 35 years.

Want to get Started? 

Check out the first New Gamemaster Month post here: 

WELCOME, AND LET’S GET STARTED! – and then select "RuneQuest" as your chosen system.

You’ll need a copy of the RuneQuest Starter Set or RuneQuest core rules for New Gamemaster Month. You can get these titles wherever you buy roleplaying games. If you purchase from, you will get 10% off your total order by using this coupon code at checkout: NewGamemasterMonth2022. The code is valid through to 1 February 2022, and can be used once per customer.