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Miskatonic Repository creators win a Silver Fenix Award at Gothcon

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 31st Mar 2024

Congratulations to the independent Call of Cthulhu creators of the Miskatonic Repository bundle Northern Lights and Darkness - at Gothcon XLVII in Gothenburg, Sweden this weekend it won the Silver Fenix Award for Best Third Party or Community Content.

These awards, voted for by readers of Fenix gaming magazine, are the most prestigious roleplaying game awards in Sweden.

Bringing together a "special blend of Scandinavian folklore and cosmic horror", the Northern Lights and Darkness Bundle collects six modern era Call of Cthulhu scenarios with Nordic settings. All were written by and feature art by natives of those countries - and all available in English: 

Congratulations to creators Wille Ruotsalainen, Vilja Ruotsalainen, Poul Holmelund, Ken Robkin, Daniel Dion Christensen, Iris Mealor Olsen, Lee Wade, Maja Hvalryg Kvendseth, Heidi M. G. Lian, Theodor Helgason, Ewan, Hans Alan, Jonas Morian, Oscar Sedholm, and Charlotte Sedholm!


Northern Lights and Darkness Bundle - Miskatonic Repository

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Under the Miskatonic Repository community content license, independent Call of Cthulhu creators can make and sell their own Call of Cthulhu content using guidelines, templates, and art we provide.

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