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Miskatonic Monday #68: celebrate alumni of Fall's 'Write Your First Adventure' Workshop with this massive Call of Cthulhu bundle on DTRPG

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 30th Jan 2023

Fall 2022 Bundle - Miskatonic Repository

The latest 'Write Your First Adventure' Bundle has been released on DriveThruRPG. It features 25 Call of Cthulhu scenarios by independent creators who are all alumni of the Fall 2022 RPG Workshop. 

These month-long workshops, run by our friends at The Storytelling Collective, are designed for first-time tabletop RPG writers.

Chaosium has have officially partnered to provide a Call of Cthulhu stream and a RuneQuest stream. The Call of Cthulhu Path was designed by co-author of Call of Cthulhu 7th edition, Paul Fricker, author of the bestselling Miskatonic Repository titles Full Fathom FiveDockside Dogs, and My Little Sister.

Aspiring creators can focus on either game system, or both! And by the end, they'll have written, produced, and published a 3,500-word adventure! And here they are, from alumni of the Fall 2022 RPG Workshop:

Fall 'Write Your First Adventure' Workshop titles

Support community creators on DriveThruRPG and save $40.00! Please note, as with all DriveThruRPG bundles if you've already bought any of the titles included you don't pay twice for the titles you own.


Under the Miskatonic Repository community content license, Call of Cthulhu fans can make their own work for use with the game line available to the public, using guidelines, templates, and art provided by Chaosium.

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