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Miskatonic Monday #31: Miskatonic Repository Con returns in October

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 7th Jun 2021

Our friends The Council of Shoggoths have announced that Miskatonic Repository Con is returning again this year, as a three-day virtual convention running Friday through Sunday, Oct. 15, 16, and 17.

If you're a Call of Cthulhu Keeper and you have published on the Miskatonic Repository, are thinking about publishing on the Miskatonic Repository, or want to run a scenario already published on the Miskatonic Repository, this Con is for you!

If you are a Call of Cthulhu player who wants to experience scenarios written by some of the industry's newest authors (in many cases run by those very same authors), is interested in participating in a vibrant community of awesome people fueling this hobby, or is just looking to roll some dice and go insane, this Con is for you as well!

There will be more news on panels, guests, and sign-ups coming soon. In the meantime, if you have questions, feel free to post them at the Miskatonic Repository Con page on Facebook, get in touch by email.