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Lords of the Middle Sea Update: fiery destruction and the state of things

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 2nd Sep 2022

Lords of the Middle Sea: The Roleplaying Game is in development. Based on Lynn Willis's 1978 futuristic proto-Steampunk board game, set in the post-apocalyptic ruins of a flooded North America, the tabletop RPG utilizes a streamlined version of the Basic Roleplaying system.

Jason Durall, creative lead for the project, writes:

Just a long-overdue update on the state of things:

  • The first third of the book is through external editing.
  • The line editor (me) is taking most of the month of September to focus on getting the rest of the manuscript complete.
  • We currently have four adventures in hand from external writers, and depending on the manuscript's length, one or more of them will be in the core book or will follow as an adventure sourcebook.
  • Art is still coming in. Here is one of the recent pieces by the always-amazing Ossi Hiekkala, depicting the fiery destruction of an airship as witnessed from inside the cockpit of the Bella Dama: