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Journey to Jonstown #69: the new Rough Guide to Boldhome is coming to the Jonstown Compendium in April

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 10th Feb 2024

A Rough Guide to Boldhome

Having today received advance print copies of the spectacular new Rough Guide to Boldhome, we've just learned that, due to cancellations, THREE spots have opened up in 'Home of the Bold', the magnificent live action game coming to Chaosium Con in April. Grab a badge and sign up while you can!

Home of the Bold logo

After Chaosium Con in April you'll be able to purchase the new Rough Guide to Boldhome at the Jonstown Compendium, Chaosium’s community content store for RuneQuest and Gloranthan gaming by independent creators. 

Designed as useful background for the 'Home of the Bold' freeform game, A Rough Guide to Boldhome is also a valuable resource for RuneQuest GMs and players wishing to explore the city of Boldhome and its inhabitants. Featuring content by many well-known Glorantha creators including Greg Stafford, Jeff Richard and David Hall, this 81 page full colour book features previews from the forthcoming official RuneQuest Sartar sourcebook, new Gloranthan fiction by Michael O'Brien, and new art and maps.