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Journey to Jonstown #66: The new edition of the Jonstown Compendium Catalogue is now available!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 2nd Jan 2024

Jonstown Compendium catalogue 2023

The 2023 edition of the Jonstown Compendium Catalogue is now available at DriveThruRPG! Community ambassador Nick Brooke's comprehensive catalogue details every supplement published in the first four years of Chaosium's community content programme for RuneQuest and Glorantha. 

If you're a gamer in Glorantha this is an invaluable resource! Featuring all 349 Jonstown Compendium releases through to December 2023, the book is divided into nine categories with titles ranked by sales. Three Where in the World? maps show product locations (where they can be pinned down), and there are notes on when each scenario and campaign is set, by year and season, including all official Chaosium RuneQuest scenarios too.

Appendices include notes for creators and best-seller charts, and a selection of fascinating bar-charts showing the growth of the programme. 

Jonstown Compendium Catalogue [2023]
Nick Brooke ($3.50, 205 page PDF, 6x9 inch paperback version coming soon)

This book merges the 2022 JC Catalogue with the 2023 JC Index to present every release up to the end of December 2023, divided into nine categories: RuneQuest (scenarios), Glorantha (sourcebooks), QuestWorlds, Monsters of the Month, Virtual Tabletop Tokens, Cartography & Battle-Maps, Artpacks & Stock Art, Shorter Works, and Play Aids & Random Stuff. Detailed listings analyse content (pages split between scenario, stats, maps, etc.), calculate the price per page of content (excluding front matter, blank pages, etc.), and summarise key details about each title. 

JC catalog - where in the world