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James Lowder, Rick Meints, and Mark Morrison to present 'Writing for Call of Cthulhu' seminar at Gamehole Con, Madison WI

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 12th Aug 2019

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"Call of Cthulhu is all about the story. The game thrives on killer openings, diabolical plot twists and satisfying endings. Join the unholy trio of James Lowder (Chaosium fiction editor), Rick Meints (Chaosium President) & Mark Morrison (freelance writer) as they crack open the casebooks and share secrets from their decades of writing and editing scenarios."

Chaosium's executive editor James Lowder, Chaosium president Rick Meints, and Call of Cthulhu maestro Mark Morrison will be at Gamehole Con in Madison, WI Oct 31 - Nov 3. If you're attending, don't miss their panel on Writing for Call of Cthulhu! GameHole Con also features a gaming program of Call of Cthulhu, including the Cthulhu Masters, RuneQuest, and other Chaosium games