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"I’m delighted the train’s running again"

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 9th Jan 2022


"I’m delighted the train’s running again" — says Horror on the Orient Express co-author Mark Morrison on Twitter today, about our new 2 volume version of the classic campaign. 

Mark Morrison on Twitter

"The lovely Chaosium Inc gifted me with the two volume reprint of Horror on the Orient Express. It’s marvelous. The printing is sharp, and a few typos were chucked in the firebox. The full size map by Stephanie McAlea was a splendid inclusion...


... My favourite section is the inclusion of the long lost 1923 calendar, wonderful work by Andrew Leman (HPLHS). It’s really fun to run the campaign in real time, with historical events playing out on the days they fell. You can also get it in the HotOE PDF prop set from the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society...


... You can find the Horror on the Orient Express reprint at One day far down the track there may be a full colour third edition, but that is so far off we can’t even hear the whistle. I’m so pleased it’s in print in the meantime."

Horror on the Orient Express 2 Volume Set - $89.99, price inc PDF
HotOE Warehouse Locations

and, also by Mark Morrison, consider picking up a copy of

Reign of Terror - $34.95, price inc PDF
A historical interlude for the Horror on the Orient Express campaign (also playable as a stand-alone adventure)
Reign of Terror Availability