COVID-19 Shipping and Fulfilment Update - December 7th (Malleus Monstrorum news)

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 10th Dec 2020

We hope that you, your family, and your friends continue to be in good health.

Good news! - the Malleus Monstrorum slipcase sets have arrived at our Australian and US Warehouses. We will be making those items for sale later this week (update: will go on sale this coming Monday, 14 December). If you've already bought the PDF direct from, Dustin will email you the discount coupon as soon as the physical books are available to purchase.

But what if you are a Canadian, EU, or UK customer? Please note the Malleus Monstrorum slipcase sets are due to arrive in our Canadian and EU warehouses within the next two weeks, but are not likely to get to the UK warehouse before early January.  

Customers that are used to purchasing from our Canadian, EU, and UK warehouses (for lower shipping costs) will probably want to wait until those shipments arrive to get the best shipping rate. 

While we wish the books were in all our warehouses, the Covid-19 pandemic is causing disruptions to international freight movements that are out of our control. We ask for your patience until they do arrive there. We will announce such arrivals as soon as we are able.

We thank you for being patient with inconsistent shipping times and also appreciate people buying direct. It has helped the company in these trying times.

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On behalf of the whole Chaosium team, wishing everyone all the best until the Stars are Right again.

— Rick Meints, president Chaosium Inc.