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Chaosium games feature prominently in RPG Geek's '50 Greatest RPGs' List

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 31st Dec 2021

RPG Geek

So, according to RPG Geek, in their '50 Greatest RPGs' List – as determined last year by RPG Geek Data – Call of Cthulhu is #2, Pendragon is #13, RuneQuest is #16, 7th Sea is #38, BRP is #45, and Stormbringer is #48. That's good going!

Note: one factor in the ratings is the number of owners of a game. Call of Cthulhu is only owned by 1721 people on RPG Geek. D&D, unsurprisingly the #1 game on the list, is only owned by 4772. We really should reach out and get more people to add their Chaosium titles to the list of games they own at RPG Geek!

If you'd like to do that adding games to your collection on RPG Geek is easy! : sign in, and click on 'Collection', and then 'Add a Game':