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Chaosium Con: Events the Chaosium team will be running at the con (so far)

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 11th Dec 2021

Great news! Chaosium Con has already sold enough tickets to guarantee the event is happening next April. And the hotel is starting to get tight on reservation space. So sooner is better than later for committing to this event.

A few days ago we opened GM Event Submission – if you have acquired a badge to the event, all you need to do is go to the form at the link and submit your event for us to schedule.

Chaosium Con Event Submission Form

And again, we want everything from the entire history of Chaosium. Run that game of Stormbringer! Or run something new, such as Würm. Who has some decks of Mythos they want to play?

But let's announce some events we already have from members of the Chaosium team.

  • A seminar about publishing your own material on DriveThru RPG through our community creator programs.
  • A seminar about mythology and gaming from Jeff Richard, Jason Durall, and David Larkins.
  • A seminar from Mike Mason and Lynne Hardy about writing Call of Cthulhu scenarios.
  • A seminar on forming your own successful gaming group running games around your region from Todd Gardiner, with guests from You Too Can Cthulhu, Lurking Fears, and Novus Ordo Seclorum,
  • VIP game sessions with Jason Durall, Mike Mason, Lynne Hardy, David Larkins, James Lowder, and other Chaosium staff.
  • A room running non-stop games from You Too Can Cthulhu.
  • A block of games from authors of Jonstown Compendium and Repository published scenarios.
  • The launch of a new Organized Play initiative.
  • A brand new 70+ person Freeform/LARP set in Glorantha.
  • An auction of Chaosium rarities.
  • And dozens or hundreds of GM submitted gaming events over the course of the weekend!

Join us in person for the first ever Chaosium convention! Come along for a weekend dripping with cosmic horror, essential runes, swashbuckling adventure, and chivalrous quests! 

Play Games. Make friends. Experience Chaosium like never before. Book your ticket today!