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​Call of Cthulhu Starter Set: available now and updated for the 40th Anniversary of Call of Cthulhu

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 27th Jun 2022

Available now! Updated for the 40th Anniversary of Call of Cthulhu: everything you need to play the world’s best roleplaying game of horror, mystery and investigation!

Call of Cthulhu Starter SetCall of Cthulhu Starter Set

$24.99 - price includes PDF

The Call of Cthulhu Starter Set contains books, dice, pre-made character sheets, maps, and enough content to keep a group busy for several roleplaying sessions.

This updated Starter Set also includes:

  • New box art by Lin Hsiang
  • Updated interior book cover designs
  • All errata and corrections
  • 40th Anniversary Investigator Sheets

"One of the neatest pieces of introductory design; a great way to get into Chaosium’s legendary roleplaying game."  — Staying In Podcast.