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Call of Cthulhu on Roll20: three new Miskatonic Repository releases for Halloween!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 29th Oct 2023

Roll20 Chaosium

Earlier this year the Miskatonic Repository was opened up to Roll20 VTT conversions, and already there are more than a dozen independent Call of Cthulhu titles you can play directly on Roll20!

And just in time for Halloween, Roll20 has 3 brand new Miskatonic Repository titles available. The Roll20 team converted these releases, and they're are thrilled to show them off!

? Of Sorrow and Clay

By Graeme Patrick
Bundle | Roll20 VTT

Family is everything in the Appalachian Mountains. When everyone else turns their backs, they will be there, waiting. Of Sorrow & Clay delves deep into the history of an old Moonshiner, Carson Taft, and his family. At the ripe age of 89, he has gone missing in the deep forests of Kentucky. This scenario comes with 5 pre-generated investigators with ties to the plot!

Of Sorrow and Clay

? Highway of Blood

By Critical Hit Publishing
Bundle | Roll20 VTT

Set in West Texas during the 1970s, Highway of Blood pays homage to classic “grindhouse” and exploitation films. The adventure features a fast-paced car chase combat and explores the dangers of isolation, dehydration, and intense heat associated with an extreme desert environment. This scenario comes with rules for dealing with radioactive and environmental desert hazards.

Highway of Blood

? The Room With No Doors

By M.T. Black
Bundle | Roll20 VTT

NO DOORS, NO LIGHT, ETERNAL NIGHT. When Hannah Flynn buys a new house in Arkham, she encounters tragedy and misfortune. She hires the characters to investigate, and they uncover the grim history of the residence before confronting its nightmare secret!

The Room with No Doors

For more about the Miskatonic Repository on Roll20 – where to find the titles, convert your scenarios into Roll20 VTT products, playing call of Cthulhu on Roll20, and more – check out the article Crafting Nightmares Inside the Miskatonic Repository on the Roll20 blog:

Crafting Nightmares inside the Miskatonic Repository