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10,000 backers are already on the train! Horror on the Orient Express The Board Game

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 14th Apr 2024

HotOE Board Game Kickstarter 10000 backers

Our Horror on the Orient Express The Board Game Kickstarter reached a significant milestone yesterday — 10,000 backers have boarded the train!

If you'd like to join them, there's still a seat for you in the one of the doomed train's many carriages. But don't delay, you have just four days before the Orient Express reaches its final destination.

HotOE 2 vol set

And don't forget, for the duration Kickstarter campaign we're also offering a special deal on the legendary Call of Cthulhu TTRPG campaign our new board game is based on: get the two-volume Horror on the Orient Express for only $49.99 (save $40!) 

Note, you do not have to back the board game Kickstarter to avail yourself of this exclusive offer.