Play Call of Cthulhu for a Worthy Cause at Gen Con - with James Lowder as your Keeper!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 25th May 2017

The award-winning writer and editor James Lowder, Chaosium's Executive Editor for Fiction, is Keeper for a special Call of Cthulhu session at Gen Con in aid of the Worldbuilders charity ("geeks doing good").

Says James:

"My event for the Worldbuilders charity is now live on the Gen Con events site: Play Call of Cthulhu with James Lowder

This runs from 1 to 5 on Friday afternoon, for 4 to 6 players. I'll be using the 7th edition rules and creating an original scenario for this event, something set in 1920s Chicago (which, coincidentally, is the setting and era of my Corpse stories). Familiarity with Call of Cthulhu will be helpful, but not a prerequisite.

Worldbuilders is a terrific charity, and there will be a long list of other writers, designers, and performers running games. (Link to the full list in first comment below.) There will be time built into the Call of Cthulhu game for players to get a chance to enjoy the rest of the party, too."