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Designing the New RuneQuest - Part 21

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 9th Feb 2018

A further update on progress from Jason Durall, RuneQuest Line Editor

Good news - layout for the RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha core book is underway! The Gamemaster Pack will follow, then the Gloranthan Bestiary: we're getting the last of the art and maps for these.

RQ Char Sheet Playtest

I mentioned in the last update that the RQG character sheet is done and is quite lovely - here's a bit of a sneak peak from a recent playtest session and close-up below:

Given the timetables involved and production pipeline, we're aiming to have all three books going to print by mid-year (along with a few other things we've teased or announced), and PDF versions out before that*.  We're looking forward to start sharing some layout samples in forthcoming updates! 

*and don't forget, if you buy the PDFs early, we'll give you the full price of the PDFs back as a discount when the physical books come out, MOB.

Part of the RQG Character Sheet