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Chaosium joins Bits and Mortar

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 29th Aug 2016

Chaosium has joined Bits and Mortar, the pro-retailer, pro-brick-and-mortar, pro-PDF, pro-ebook initiative, Chaosium President Rick Meints announced today.

"As exciting as it is to get the 7th edition of Call of Cthulhu into distribution and seeing it on the shelves of game stores, we also take great pride in supporting your FLGS as much as we can. Our latest effort is becoming the newest member of the Bits & Mortar program," he said.

Here's how it works: if you buy a Chaosium publication from any of the hundreds of participating local game or book stores world wide, and we offer that product online at as a combined print and PDF bundle, you'll get the PDF at no additional charge.

"We want our brick and mortar customers to enjoy the digital versions of our books as much and as easily as our online customers. A vital part of the ethos of the new Chaosium is that we seek out, listen to, and then use great ideas from our fans. This is one of those 'we heard you' moments", Meints said.

For more on the announcement and how the Bits and Mortar program works, see Chaosium Joins Bits and Mortar: Roll for Sanity Loss.