Voice of the Ancestors 2 - Tales of the Man Eaters - PDF

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A Würm Adventure Booklet

The Shaman

In this second edition of Voice of the Ancestors, you will find:

A Guide to Cannibalism, a game aid to introduce you to the lesser-known aspects of cannibalistic rituals,

as well as three new scenarios:

What We Did To Our Forefathers introduces a group of child characters to the dark side of their tribe's initiation rituals.

Horror in the Deep is a scenario where the characters will have to enter a horrifying cave and find their way out after discovering its dark secrets.

The Curious Quest Of The Spark Hunters is a tragic saga where a tribe of Bear-men will have to face the terrifying traditions of their new Long Men neighbors.

 The Dark Tribe

This book covers a delicate and controversial topic. This is a game aid presenting the details of the various types: whether the cannibalism is for ritual purposes or for food, exo- or endocannibalism, you will soon know everything there is to know about it. You will then be able to add this exotic element to your games of Würm. As repulsive as it may seem to begin with, it can bring us all to think further about our own beliefs and convictions, and about the relationships that our ancestors had with their families, their enemies, and their dead.

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Nocturnal Media
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Black & White PDF
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Olivier Castan, Frederic Debout, Emmanuel Roudier
Kathy Calmejane
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Emmanuel Roudier
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Emmanuel Roudier