Voice of the Ancestors 1 - Tales of the Antler Bearers - PDF

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A Würm Adventure Booklet

The Antler Bearer

The first edition of Voice of the Ancestors including four brand new scenarios:

The Red Crown, an open scenario where the characters will have
to find their way among the complex intrigues of their tribe.

The Ocher Hill, and initiation designed for child or adult characters.

What Lies in the Wait sees a group of Bear-men try to work with
their Long Man neighbors to appear their Guardian Spirit.

The Great Silence, an epic quest where the characters will have to
battle a dark curse that could well drive them out of their minds.

 The Flaming Spheres

The scenarios collected in this book are not a pre-written "campaign". They are a collection of adventures, some of them longer than others, which explore the various ways in which you can play the game. Feel free to adapt each of them to your own campaign, to the world that you have chosen to create. Trust your instincts. Würm is not a game of "secrets"; it has no official campaign structure, and does not force the Game Master to follow any prehistoric canon. The limits of the world of Würm are none other than those of your own curiosity and imagination.

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Nocturnal Media
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Black & White PDF
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Olivier Castan, Frederic Debout, Emmanuel Roudier
Kathy Calmejane
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Emmanuel Roudier
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Emmanuel Roudier