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Magical Adventures Beneath the Canopy

Some say it began as a garden planted by the old gods when the world was young, so they might shade themselves from the fiery sun and take rest from their divine pursuits. Others maintain that a strong, healthy magic infuses the mountain waters that feed it, giving its flora and fauna their prodigious health and size. Still others have called it a verdant hell where the spirits of the prideful and cursed are damned to spend eternity among the insects, hounded by venomous predators. Perhaps there is a bit of truth to each… 

Stretching eastward from the windswept coastlines to the Skyshelf Mountains, lie the forest lands of Verduria—more commonly called the Green.

Unknown to most of the known world and long thought to be legendary by the rest. Verduria is slowly becoming a fabled destination for those seeking the bounty of its resources, the adventure of its giant beasts and unholy creatures, and the secrets of its ancient magic. It is a land beautiful and harsh, populated with fierce tribesmen and intrepid explorers, forgotten races and creatures of myth.

To enter the Green is to enter a land strange and foreboding. To newcomers it appears to be a landscape made for giants or towering gods, for the trees rise hundreds of feet in the air and spread a lofty maze of branches easily large enough for man to traverse. The dense leafy canopy allows only broken shafts of sunlight into the dim interior. Far below, the land is dark and wet, with mist curling among pillars of giant roots, and creatures moving in the shadows of swamps and vine-choked channels. The rivers that pass through Verduria are the arteries of the land, stretching from their reedy, mangrove-choked deltas to the mountain gorges of their source.

This book explores this world, providing details on its inhabitants, magic, and history.

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THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE BOOK. By Scott Heiney. 144 pages. 8.5 x 11" downloadable watermarked PDF book with cover images, created from electronic production files.

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