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The Complete Griselda - PDF

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The collected works of Griselda, as told by Oliver Dickinson. A picaresque - or perhaps we should say Runyonesque - view into the rough-and-tumble life of an adventurer in Pavis.

Fiction set in Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha, setting of the RuneQuest RPG. First published in 2001.
ISBN: 1-929052-11-1


Oliver and Me, by Greg Stafford

Points of View
Lucky Eddi
Griselda Gets Her Men
Shamus Gets a Case
A Tasty Morsel
All In The Family
The Great Chart Caper
Hanufa’s Little Sister
Down Among The Dead Men
Good Advice
Wolfhead’s Story
Carving Up Carver
Devil’s Play
Bad Example
Holding the Baby 
This Love Business
Serious Money
Worlds Apart
Red Hot
Happy Anniversary 
First Class Protection
The Hero Bit
The Matchmaker
Griselda the Hero??
The Trouble With Nephews 
Interfering Uncles Have Their Uses, by Michael O’Brien 
Different Shades of Red 
The Cradlesnatchers

A Griselda Songbook 
Griselda: A Brief Bibliography 
Oliver Dickinson: A Brief Biography
Excerpt from A Promise of Thunder by Robin D. Laws
What the Critics Say

"...the twenty-nine stories in The Complete Griselda are most enjoyable, and they do bring the exploits and tales of the ne’er-do-wells and miscreants who frequent Loud Lilina’s and—occasionally Rowdy Djoh Lo’s—to life in a highly entertaining and singular fashion. The Complete Griselda is rife with great characters, fun plots, and the type of situations in which player characters all too find themselves, but most all it is full of damned good stories."—Reviews from R'lyeh.

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Oliver Dickinson, Greg Stafford, Michael O'Brien, Robin D. Laws