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1920’s Era Adventures

When Mr. Tuttle went into the storage room several days later, he saw a stack of papers piled beside the typewriter. Curious, he went to the stack and began reading. They were stories: stories of places near and far, stories of long ago and of the distant future. They were stories of struggles against unnamable things and the heroes who defended mankind against them. They were tales of death and darkness.

Who could have written such things? The door was locked and he had the only key. He wondered if someone could have gotten in. In the room beside the unused one, a family was on holiday with their son. That afternoon, Mr. Tuttle asked the boy if he had seen anyone going into the room. The boy replied that he hadn’t and asked him if something was the matter?

“Well,” answered Mr. Tuttle, “it seems someone was using the typewriter in that room and they left a stack of stories.”

The boy smiled and asked, “Are they scary stories?”

<Mr. Tuttle was taken aback. “Why, yes they are. How did you know that?”

The boy answered, “If they’re scary stories, then the mice wrote them, the white mice in the walls. They have lots of stories to tell. Usually they’re the scary kind“.

Mr. Tuttle was a native of Kingsport, and had lived there all his life. He believed the young boy.

The White Mice In the Walls, the creative team that brought you “Ripples from Carcosa”, proudly presents “Tales of Death and Darkness”. Three multi-session 1920’s scenarios (one in two parts) will challenge your investigators as they encounter the forces of the mythos. Pre-Gen characters are provided, but need not be used, for all but the final scenario.

The Devil is in the Details-- wherein the investigators learn that small mistakes can become bigger ones and the only thing more dangerous than too much knowledge is too little. This scenario takes place during winter, at an old deserted mansion in the Catskill Mountains of New York State.

Keys of Madness: Part One, Key West-- wherein investigators journey to Key West to meet with a discredited archeologist who claims to have made an amazing discovery. The first half of this two-part scenario takes place in glamorous Key West, one of the riches cities in America at the time, in the state of Florida.

Keys of Madness: Part Two, Caya Locura-- wherein the investigators come to the end of the missing professor’s trail and view firsthand the wonders and horrors of the past. The second half of this scenario concludes on the lost island of Caya Locura, at the site of the missing professor’s greatest discovery.

Borne Into Darkness-- Wherein investigators seek to solve the mystery of a series of vanishings from a roadside motel and find that small towns often hide the largest terrors. This short investigation completes the collection and takes place in the small town of Litchfield, New Hampshire and serves well as a “Drop In” adventure into an existing campaign.

MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY LIBRARY ASSOCIATION monographs are longer works by one or more authors on a subject of import to Call of Cthulhu roleplayers. On these products the author has also fulfilled the functions of editor and layout artist; we at Chaosium have done little in the way of editorial. We found these works compelling and thought that you would enjoy them. Through the publication of monographs we can offer our most loyal fans more information more easily, and evaluate the potential of these works for eventual release to the wholesale market.

THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE BOOK. By Oscar Rios and The White Mice Team. 100 pages. 8.5 x 11" downloadable watermarked PDF book with cover images, created from electronic production files.

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