Strange Tales of Dread & Wonder #1 PDF

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A Sextet of Diverse Mythos Adventures

This monograph is the result of our first Call of Cthulhu Adventure Contest. We received entries from all over the world, and it was rather difficult to narrow the winners down to a number small enough to fit into one monograph (and this is still the largest we've released). This first contest was fun enough that we’ll likely do more of them. Keep an eye on our webpage for the details.

The adventures offered herein will take you to the 1920’s Miskatonic Valley, Rolthin Abbey, The Ardenne of the tenth century, 1643 England, 1960’s San Francisco, and 1920’s Bhutan. Investigators will take on the roles of Cornish Royalists, Chinese Triad gang members, detectives, and occult researchers.

We hope you enjoy these Strange Tales of Dread and Wonder.

MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY LIBRARY ASSOCIATION monographs are longer works by one or more authors on a subject of import to Call of Cthulhu roleplayers. On these products the author has also fulfilled the functions of editor and layout artist; we at Chaosium have done little in the way of editorial. We found these works compelling and thought that you would enjoy them. Monographs are digitally reproduced small run publications. We do provide a cover illustration. Through the publication of monographs we can offer our most loyal fans more information more easily, and evaluate the potential of these works for eventual release to the wholesale market.

THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE BOOK. By Dylan Sharpe, Kevin T. McKinnon, R. J. Christensen, James King, Guy Dondinger, Brian Bethel, Judie Ostlien, and Bayne MacGregor. 132 pages. 8.5 x 11" downloadable watermarked PDF book with cover images, created from electronic production files.

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