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The Cults of Sartar

The gods are awake. Special deities are needed for special times. Storm Tribe details the gods and goddesses that take the forefront in the Hero Wars. Here are complete write-ups for eleven important deities whose exceptional worshippers gain extraordinary powers. Each write-up includes myths, holy days, magic, and subcults. These are the Cults of Sartar:

  • Chalana Arroy, Goddess of Healing
  • Elmal, Warrior God of the Sun
  • Eurmal, Trickster and Fool
  • Heler, God of Rain and Loyalty
  • Humakt, God of War and Death
  • Issaries, God of Communication and Trade
  • Lhankor Mhy, God of Knowledge
  • Odayla, God of Hunting
  • Urox, Berserk Chaos-Killer
  • Vinga, Goddess of Protection and War
  • Yinkin, God of Alynxes, Hunting, and Sensuality

Storm Tribe also details eighteen minor gods of the pantheon, including Gustban, the Smith;Rigsdal, Watchman and Pole Star; Donandar, High God of Entertainers; Valid, God of Winter;Babeester Gor, Avenging Earth Goddess; Maran Gor, Goddess of Fighting and Earthquakes; and many more. Immortal myths, unusual entities, great heroes, excerpts from the Jonstown Compendium, and dozens of illustrations animate the text.

Storm Tribe is a companion book to Thunder Rebels, which describes the Heortling religion of which these gods are a part. Storm Tribe is a play aid for Hero Wars, which you must own to use it fully. This book will significantly enhance both a player's and a narrator's game.

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