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An 1890s Scenario for Call of Cthulhu and Cthulhu By Gaslight

RETURN OF THE RIPPER takes place in London, beginning in late summer to early autumn of 1893. It involves a new series of killings perpetrated by Jack the Ripper. The Ripper has returned to London to continue his bloody work after a five-year absence. Working in league with the Ripper are other occult horrors with which investigators must deal. At least one of these is far more formidable—and deadly—than the Ripper himself!

The scenario presents a series of clues, encounters, and locations that, explored to their fullest, lead Investigators to the identity—and terrible secrets—of Jack the Ripper. A number of peripheral dangers are encountered along the way that may either be dealt with during the course of the scenario or, in some cases, sidestepped to be handled at a later time—provided Investigators retain life and sanity enough to do so. A number of red herrings are also present, designed to mislead and confuse the investigators. Some of these might lead to entire side adventures of their own; others will simply throw investigators momentarily off the track of their quarry

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THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE BOOK. By William A. Barton. 124 pages. 8.5 x 11" downloadable watermarked PDF book with cover images, created from electronic production files.

ISBN 1-56882-215-4

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  • 4
    Return of the Ripper

    Posted by KwaKwa on 22nd Jun 2020

    We really enjoyed this adventure, playing it over 5 sessions, and still not exploring all the rich material in it. There is a highly detailed map resource of 1890's London available from to add realism to it. We played this along with the 'Sacraments of Evil' scenario set, taking turns to run each scenario with a common investigative team "The Thaumaturgical Professionals of Kensington" (The TPK Club) ..............Spoilier alert ............................ I set up the TPK club with an invite from its owner, the Baronet Danielson, in early 1889, to catch the Ripper, two PCs were employees of the club. We then played all the Sacraments scenarios with the Baronet as an occasional NPC, and then concluded the arc with Return of The Ripper. This provided motivation to investigate, continuity between scenarios, and attachment to the antagonist

  • 4
    Ready to Rip!

    Posted by Kwakwa Garvie on 22nd Feb 2019

    Really keen to run this. Reads well and makes a beautiful sandbox for exploration of London by Gaslight, with the same author of the supplement and this scenario. There is so much 'real-life' Saucy Jack historical material out there, including facsimiles of files, that a Keeper can immerse players up to their kidneys and higher! Yum! Also, it has a slow enough pace, and non-linear structure, that a group of collaborative gamers can share Keeping roles through a range of disparate scenarios for a party while keeping a common overarching thread. Highly recommend! And I am not a robot! I had to do so many tick squares to post this! I swear there were buses, traffic lights, stairs, etc in every square I ticked - but the robot that was assessing my robotness could not discern them was ... a robot! And now that I have criticised it, it is asking me to prove my humanity again! and again! Maybe it is showing one sign of intelligence - pettiness.