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Six Reasons to Fear the Unknown

The Cthulhu Mythos presents horrors far worse than mere death…

You won’t find any ghouls or deep ones, or other named Mythos entities here. The horrors found within have no names, but they are still very much of the Mythos. Your players will not have encountered their like before, and no one will be on safe, comfortable ground.

Chaosium Unveiled: Inside Nameless Horrors

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Nameless Horrors brings you six new scenarios that will frighten even the most experienced of Call of Cthulhu players, giving them reason to fear the unknown.

  • An Amaranthine Desire—The investigators find themselves in the doomed English seaport of Dunwich, encountering strange echoes of the night that sealed the fate of all who dwell there.
  • A Message of Art—The investigators are invited to attend the closing party of the Salon de la Rose + Croix, rubbing shoulders with the Parisian elite, while finding out that the cost of truly great art is sometimes death.
  • And Some Fell on Stony Ground—life in small-town America of the 1920s is not quite what it was for residents of Stowell. Local people are behaving strangely and events are escalating. Can the investigators get to the bottom of the mystery and survive before the entire town explodes in frenzy of blood and crime?
  • Bleak Prospect—residents of a shantytown in Depression-era Massachusetts find their community under assault from unknown forces. Who or what is preying on them? Will the investigators find out before those they hold dear are destroyed?
  • The Moonchild—David Barber was driven to make a terrible pact to save his son’s life, allowing a great evil to be unleashed upon a unsuspecting world. Drawn together by a mutual acquaintance, the investigators must work together or fall under the spell of the Moonchild.
  • The Space Between—What was planned as a fantastic new feature film is turning into the shoot from hell. The leading lady has vanished, the director has retreated from the world, and the police are sniffing around the set. It is up to the investigators to get the film back on track and share its vision with the world.

Map of Dunwich - 1287

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What the Critics Say

"Nameless Horrors is an adventure collection worthy of carrying the Call of Cthulhu name... it ticks all the right boxes."—Antonios S. Review, RPGNet.

"Overall, I really enjoyed Nameless Horrors… For those looking for something outside the box instead of the usual Mythos rigmarole, definitely consider picking (it) up."—Diehard Gamefan.

"What marks this anthology out in comparison to previous releases for Call of Cthulhu is that none its scenarios involve traditional horrors of the Mythos. No Nyarlathotep or the King in Yellow, no Elder Things or Shoggoths, no Ghouls or Byakhee, and so on. This is not to say that none of the scenarios in Nameless Horrors are Lovecraftian, for many exude a sense of the greater or cosmic unknown and embrace the fragility of humanity in the face of this unknown… Nevertheless, there is not a bad scenario in this anthology."—Reviews from R’lyeh.

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7th Edition Call of Cthulhu
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Paul Fricker, Scott Dorward, Matthew Sanderson
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Victor Leza