Mother of Monsters

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Mother of Monsters is a HeroQuest Glorantha adventure by Robin D. Laws with illustrations by Dan Barker. It is the fleshed-out adventure of the outline presented in Sharper Adventures in HeroQuest Glorantha. 




In the sea-kissed land of Cerngoth rules the Patriarch, wise and dignified. Yet some under his command yearn to topple him. Onto its shores wash your heroes, temporarily in chains — a mere inconvenience, to be sure! With jail behind them, they'll find a place for themselves in the city. Like every center of power, it needs men and women ready to wield sword and spell. Then thundering across the jungle coast comes the Mother of Monsters, an immortal behemoth from the age of myth. Every day it drops an egg, from which a fearsome creature hatches. This is the heroes' chance — but is it a chance for glory, or for death? To deliver the city for the Patriarch, or assist in its fall to his foes? Mother of Monsters is an adventure for HeroQuest Glorantha by the game's rules designer Robin D. Laws, inspired by the storytelling principles of his previous THE KRAKEN ChapbookSharper Adventures in HeroQuest Glorantha.

54 pages.

Mother of Monsters is produced by Tentacles Press under license from Moon Design Publications, as a fundraiser to support THE KRAKEN.

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