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Join the Cult of Chaos

Membership in the Cult of Chaos is completely free. It requires passion, knowledge of at least one of our game systems, a basic knowledge of Chaosium, and a willingness to run our games for new players. We have a dedicated forum at BRPCentral which contains our discussion groups. You will receive the password after you have joined. In the meantime you can register for BRPCentral here if you are not a member.


A Cult of Chaos Gamemaster applicant must:

Have an account at
Be communicative and responsive.
Be a member of our Cult of Chaos mailing list. Join here.
Be passionate about the Chaosium game you are promoting.
Be an entertaining and fun Gamemaster.
Be at least 18 years of age.
Be willing to submit event reports and if possible a few photos.
Abide by the Cult of Chaos code of conduct.

To join, please fill out the information below:

    •    Address:
    •    How did you hear about the Cult of Chaos?
    •    Which Chaosium games do you currently play or GM?
    •    Which Chaosium games would you run as a Cult of Chaos GM?

    •    Do you have any convention or demo volunteer experience?
    •    Do you have any skills and hobbies related to tabletop RPGs?
    •    Have you participated in any other publisher’s volunteer programs? If so, what did you like about them?
    •    Do you have any additional comments?