Horror on the Orient Express Simulacrum & Mims Sahis

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As described in Horror on the Orient Express, the Sedefkar Simulacrum appears to be ceramic. It changes color according to the strength of the light bathing it, from opalescent pastels to rich blues to inky blacks in full sunlight. All the parts are smooth and bland, with lugs and corresponding slots for the pieces to fit together. Each piece is cool to the touch. Assembled, the simulacrum is human-sized, though it weighs rather less than a human would, on the order of 80-90 pounds. Thus it weighs little enough to seem hollow, but when bashed against something it rings only softly, as though solid throughout.

The Mims Sahis is a curved blade designed for the cutting of flesh and the precise removal of skin. The jet black blade is made of stone, although what type defies all geological identification. The handle is bone and wrapped in bluish-green leather. Both were taken from an extinct marine reptile and show no sign of age, although they pre-date all human history.

This product consists of die-cut pieces of the Sedefkar Simulacrum and a complete Mims Sahis, printed and laminated onto thick cardboard. During the play of Horror on the Orient Express the investigators may come upon and collect the six pieces of the Simulacrum. When assembled, the completed Simulacrum measures 20" long and 9" across. The head, arms, and legs attach to the torso via puzzle-like tabs.

The Mims Sahis is of one piece, slightly larger than life-size at 12.25".

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