HeroQuest - 1st Edition - PDF

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RolePlaying in Glorantha!

Cosmic Forces stir. Gods and Goddesses awaken, spirits cross the barrier, and essences flow over the world. Demons shatter their bond and ravage the world. Demigods lead the armies and the dead lurch forth from their graves. Ocean rise, the sky falls. It is the Hero Wars.

A Game of Adventure

Foreigners surge into your homeland. Monsters roam the landscape. Empires rise and fall, and lives hang in the balance. Adventure into the myths and conflicts of this ancient and magical world and make it your home.

A Game of Heroes

You oversee the actions of your hero. You choose the abilities and magic that will propel him towards his destiny. Gather your companions and gain the support of peoples, nations, and religions. Quest to become an immortal hero of legend.

A Game of Discovery

Starting is quick and easy, because the game is designed to teach the rules as part of the story. A colorful narrative illustrates the rules, setting, and flexible nature of the system. All the rules needed to play are in this book. 

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Greg Stafford, Robin Laws
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Lee Moyer
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Bernard Bittler, Simon Bray, Heather Bruton, William Church, Tanner Critz, Larry Dixon, Lisa Free, Ossi Hiekkala, Paul Jaquays, Angelo Montanini, Mark Moreno, Duck Nicolson, Jim Pavelec, Kevin Ramos, Markku Silvennoinen, Darran Sims, Tom Sullivan, Gr