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Return to the Forgotten Village

Dunwich is a small village located along the Miskatonic, upriver from Arkham. Until 1806, Dunwich was a thriving community, boasting many mills and the powerful Whateley family.

Those among the Whateleys came to know dark secrets about the world, and they fell into the worship of unwholesome creatures from other times and places. Retreating to the hills and forests surrounding the town, they betrayed their uncorrupted kin.

Prosperity fled, and a dark despair seized the people. What remains is a skeleton town, mills closed, its citizens without hope or future. However, secrets of the Mythos survive, to be discovered by brave and enterprising investigators.

H.P. Lovecraft's Dunwich begins with "The Dunwich Horror," Lovecraft's masterful tale of life in the town and its surrounds. It expands upon the story with extensive information about the town: pertinent buildings, useful people, and important locations are described in detail. A 17 x 22" map depicts the area for miles around, and two scenarios are included. All statistics and gameplay notes for d20 Cthulhu are also provided.

By Keith Herber; Illustrated by John T. Snyder, Paul Carrick, Carol Triplett-Smith; Cover by Philippe Bouveret. 192 pages, illustrated. 8.5 x 11" Perfect-Bound Paperback. 15 x 20" Dunwich Region Map. d20 Cthulhu Character Stat Appendix.

ISBN 1-56882-164-6

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Black & White Softcover
5th Edition and d20
Page Count:
Keith Herber
John T. Snyder, Paul Carrick, Carol Triplett-Smith
Cover Artist:
Philippe Bouveret
  • 5
    Exactly what I was looking for!

    Posted by Christopher Roberts on 18th Aug 2021

    I am fairly new to the world of Call of Cthulhu roll playing, but not new to H.P. Lovecraft. I have enjoyed many of his writings, but had not read The Dunwich Horror before reading it in this book. It is a fantastic story, and I can see why it is considered one of his best works. Just reading the story alone has helped me prepare for other scenarios, including The Edge of Darkness scenario I received in the Starter Set. But this book doesn't end there! Not only does it have two pre-written scenarios, but it also has a TON of information that has been gathered for creating future custom scenarios. I was excited to see the giant fold-out map! (I'm a sucker for maps) Not to mention the list of all the residents, which I believe totals in the 900's! Enough information to have a thriving, realizable Dunwich, or take some of those names and faces and plug them in elsewhere for a unique experience for other players. Also, again, I'm new to this scene. So knowing that I am able to update the pre-written scenarios contained to the 7e system painlessly is a huge plus for me. (Not to mention you get the whole thing in PDF form also when you buy the physical copy!) I can't recommend this product enough! I only hope that the Arkham book, which currently is only available in PDF, will get some TLC in the future. I'm hesitant to buy just the PDF for anything. I like having the book in my hands, but the PDF's are great for printing stuff easier. Give this book a shot and I know you won't regret it. I don't.